Print On Carpet was contacted by BODYARMOR Sports Drink to transform their new headquarters floor into a football field. Using dye sublimated printed carpet and printed vinyl flooring our installation team installed over 4,500 ft. of custom printed flooring materials in their new space.

A football field was created out of dye-sub carpet with their sports drink logo throughout the field and in the end zones. For their Conference room, using a clear vinyl flooring material we printed to the second surface, (the bottom side of the material) using full-color inks and then a double hit of white ink for added protection. We created a custom basketball court emblazoned with the BODYARMOR Logo, branding the center court area and the outside ends of the court. We permanently installed the floor in their conference room using floor adhesive. All in all, Print On Carpet designed the flooring look, manufactured the custom printed Carpet and the Clear Vinyl flooring and then took care of installing it all for a One Stop Solution.



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