East Hampton Library: Heavy Weight Permanent Entrance Carpet Reads Well at Library.

East Hampton Library selected a Grade A, 30 ounce carpet to be displayed in their entrance way.  Grade A Carpets like this one are often recommend for heavy foot traffic areas, and last for more than five years.  To create the dynamic 15Ft x 15 Ft entrance carpet, four separate pieces were printed, and expertly installed over the wooden floor. Produced using dye-sublimation printing, the striking area rug can be easily steam cleaned and the vibrant colors will remain, welcoming volumes of readers for time to come.


Purpose: Permanent Entrance Way Carpet for Public Area
Size: 15Ft x 15 Ft, 30 ounce Grade A Carpet
Artwork: Client Provided Image
Print Technique: 4 color process dye-sublimation printing
Location: East Hampton, New York