Take Advantage of our FREE Consultation

Together we can find the perfect carpet and flooring solution to fit your needs. As part of our commitment to provide you with the best custom carpet and flooring that fits your needs, we offer a FREE Consultation.  We have years of expertise, and are here to guide you on what will work best.

When you are considering purchasing a custom carpet or flooring, there a few initial questions that our team will discuss with you, such as:

a) What will you be using the carpet or flooring for?

(For a one-time Promotional Event? For a Traveling Tradeshow that needs to last for a year? To welcome guests under heavy foot traffic? To be placed On Stage as part of a theater production?  As an inlay and part of another carpet?  To be used as a wall-to-wall permanent display?) Based on your answers, we will recommend the grade of carpet or type of flooring that would best suit your needs (durability, portability, quality of appearance etc.).

b) What sort of budget did you have in mind?

Carpets and flooring vary in cost based on the quality, type of flooring and grade of carpet. During our consultation, we will discuss all your choices and options.

c) What size carpet or flooring do you need?

PrintOnCarpet can produce carpet and flooring from small to huge.  A big factor in cost is the width and length of the needed product. Costs are calculated on a square foot basis, with the least waste ending up in the best price for you. 

d) Do you know why we always use — and specialize in — a printing process called Dye-Sublimation?

The techniques and technology involved in the printing of the image onto the carpet is a key aspect of the quality and vibrancy.  For that reason we only use dye-sublimation printing on our carpets and choose not to use solvent inks (learn more why).

e) Would you like to provide your own artwork, or choose from our extensive Image Library?