A series of ten logo carpets were produced for Prince Sports.  The area rugs were created to help Prince promote their top-selling Thermo-Poly String. Placed in the tennis sections of leading sporting goods stores nationwide, the unique circular shapes were designed to define and brand each area.

Portraying powerful detail, the round 12 ft. by 12 ft. carpets also served as a display base, on which stood life-size standee tennis players. The carpets were Grade C, 10 ounces, lightweight and great for short-term events. Shipped all over the U.S. including Miami and LA, the custom logo carpets were a promotional hit.


Purpose: A series of logo carpets to promote Prince Thermo-Poly String
Size: 12 by 12
Artwork: Client supplied image
Print Technique: 4 color process dye-sublimation printing
Location:  Sporting goods stores across the country, including Miami and LA.