Step Up Your Flooring with NYC’s Custom Printed Carpets

Greetings and welcome to Print On Carpet – NY, the unrivaled leader in customized carpets, printed carpets, and printed flooring solutions. Located in NYC, we have been providing top-quality flooring solutions for decades and have consistently met and exceeded our client’s expectations. Our team has worked with both big industry names and small companies on prestigious events, including design week in NYC, award shows, and all trade show events. We take pride in our ability to meet individual client needs with precision, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail for every project.

Unleash Your Creativity with our Trusted Custom Carpet Ideas

Are you tired of generic and uninspiring flooring solutions that don’t quite match your unique style? Look no further! At Print On Carpet – NY, we understand the importance of having a personalized flooring solution that speaks to your individuality. We offer many customization options, including floor graphics, printed floor vinyl, digital print carpets, and even sublimation carpets!

Our expert team is always on hand to help guide you through the selection process, providing insight and advice to ensure you find the perfect product for your project. We pride ourselves on providing personalized customer service and delivering quality craftsmanship that is second to none.

With our quick and efficient order processing, your customized flooring solution will be shipped directly from our factory within ten working days. And for those with rush orders or needing project estimates, our team is always available to assist you with any inquiries.

Why settle for plain and uninspired flooring when you can create a custom design that truly represents your style? Let us help you bring your flooring vision to life with our vast selection of colors and patterns. The possibilities are endless, and the results will leave a lasting impression.

Step Up Your Flooring with Custom Printed Carpets - Print On Carpet


Print On Carpet – NY is a leading provider of flooring graphics and printed floor vinyl solutions, offering customized options for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our high-quality floor graphics can transform dull surfaces into vibrant works of art or provide impactful advertising messages. In addition, our durable printed floor vinyl is suitable for various areas, from locker rooms to kitchens. We offer installation services as well. Choose Print On Carpet – NY for all your flooring graphics and printed floor vinyl needs. Shop now to find the perfect solution for your space.

Digital Print Carpet

Have you been dreaming of making your living space more exciting and vibrant? Look no further than our Digital Print Carpet service!  Our Digital Print Carpet service offers a top-of-the-line digital printing process that captures every detail and vivid color of your artwork. The result is a stunningly clear and beautiful carpet that adds depth and character to any room. Plus, with its lightweight and durable material, you’ll have a carpet solution that will last for years. Our Digital Print Carpet solution is the perfect way to bring your living space to life, whether in your home or office.

Our Digital Print Carpet solution also allows you to express your unique style and personality with a level of detail and vibrancy that will make your space truly stand out. You can choose from an extensive range of design options or create a custom design that is entirely your own. So don’t settle for dull carpets that do nothing to add excitement to your space. Let us help you take your interior design game to the next level with our Digital Print Carpet. 

Sublimation Carpet

Why settle for a plain and boring option when it comes to flooring? With Sublimation Carpet, you can elevate your floors to a new level of vibrancy and creativity. Our cutting-edge printing process allows a stunning array of colors and designs to transform any space into a visual masterpiece.

At Print On Carpet – NY, we are proud to offer Sublimation Carpet as an exciting solution for residential and commercial flooring needs. One of the most significant advantages of Sublimation Carpet is its unparalleled durability. Like floor graphics, our Sublimation Carpet can withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and even UV exposure without fading or losing color. In addition, with a lifespan surpassing standard carpeting, you can enjoy the beauty of your Sublimation Carpet for years to come.

Another benefit of the Sublimation Carpet is its versatility in design. You can customize your flooring with millions of colors and patterns to suit any style or aesthetic. So whether you want a bold and abstract pattern or a classic floral design, the possibilities are endless with Sublimation Carpet.

Floor Graphics

Step into a world of endless possibilities with floor graphics, the ultimate game-changer in space transformation. These dynamic art pieces are not just versatile but also an ingenious way to promote a brand, product, or service. With a lasting impression and impressive durability, floor graphics are designed to withstand even the busiest environments. With our cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, your vision is brought to life and set to flourish for years. So why settle for a bare floor when you can elevate your space with the magic of floor graphics?

Printed Floor Vinyl

Looking to jazz up your floors with a fun, fresh vibe? Look no further than Printed Floor Vinyl! Perfect for adding a pop of personality to your space, these dynamic designs are easy to install and remove, making them a smart choice for events, promotions, and more. With an array of sizes and materials to choose from, you can tailor your printed floor vinyl to suit your unique style and specifications. So why wait? Upgrade your floors and add a touch of pizzazz with Printed Floor Vinyl today!

Printed Commercial Carpets

Introducing the Printed Commercial Carpet, another alternative for elevating the aesthetic of your floors. With the ability to feature company logos, intricate patterns, and other visually stunning designs, this carpet is guaranteed to turn heads. So whether you’re looking to give your office a touch of personality or revamp a commercial space, our Printed Commercial Carpet has covered you.

Think outside the box and give your floors the upgrade they deserve. You can find the perfect fit for your space with a wide selection of Printed Commercial Carpets. And the best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style for durability because our Printed Commercial Carpet is built to withstand the test of time. 

Print Your Own Carpet

Transform your space into a beautiful work of art with the one-of-a-kind Print Your Own Carpet feature. Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary by customizing your very own floor mat tailored to your unique style and preferences. With our team of experts at your disposal, the possibilities are endless, and your imagination can run wild. Print Your Own Carpet offers you the chance to showcase your creativity by designing a custom-made carpet that genuinely reflects your personality. So whether you want to add a touch of glamour to your home or create a stunning visual display for your retail store, this feature will exceed your expectations.

Print Your Own Carpet is a game-changer, offering you an exciting opportunity to customize your space like never before. So go ahead and take the first step towards transforming your home or retail store with a magnificent carpet that reflects your individuality. With Print Your Own Carpet, the possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Our Products and Services?

Discover the Print On Carpet – NY Difference

At Print On Carpet – NY, we believe your floors should be as bold and expressive as you are. We’re passionate about delivering exceptional flooring solutions that are unique, visually striking, and statement-worthy. With our commitment to using only top-notch materials and cutting-edge printing technologies, you can expect unparalleled satisfaction with every purchase. Our team is always here to help, providing insightful recommendations and answering any questions you may have about our range of products.

Machine-Washable Flooring Solutions

At Print On Carpet – NY, we don’t just offer high-quality flooring solutions but make sure they’re easy to maintain. All our products are machine-washable, so you can keep your floors looking as good as new for years, even with heavy foot traffic and everyday wear and tear.

Unmatched Printing Technologies

Print On Carpet – NY uses the latest and greatest digital printing technology to create stunning carpets with vibrant colors and stunning details. We specialize in large surface prints that create an impressive depth effect, perfect for commercial spaces and retail stores. With our state-of-the-art printing technology, you can print your carpet design that will stand out.

Custom Carpets in Unique Shapes and Sizes

At Print On Carpet – NY, we don’t just offer stunningly colored and detailed digital dye-sublimated printed carpets; we also provide them in any unique shape you request. We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in the industry to create custom-shaped carpets that bring intricate logos and images to life.

We offer carpets in various sizes, from small to huge, tailored to your requirements using advanced technology. For most types, we can print up to 10 ft. x 50 ft., and for our heaviest 30-ounce carpets, we can print in 8 ft. x 10 ft. sizes that can be pieced together professionally to cover larger indoor areas.

Our customized carpets, like Print Your Own Carpet and printed commercial carpets, are perfect for creating a bold and distinctive ambiance in any space. Its unique design allows you to print any pattern or image onto your mat, ensuring that your creation stands out in any setting.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Print On Carpet – NY, our team of professionals is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect flooring solution. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Affordable Flooring Solutions

At Print On Carpet – NY, quality should not be compromised. We offer competitive prices for all our products, so you can have the perfect carpet solution for your space without breaking the bank. With our affordable prices, you can customize your floors without compromising on quality, style, and comfort.

How We Ensure High-quality Carpet Printing: Dye Sublimation Process

Printing your own carpet may sound like a futuristic idea, but with our expertise in Dye-Sublimation Printing, it’s now a reality. Our talented team has devoted countless hours to perfecting a printing process that results in carpets with unparalleled color vibrancy and longevity. With the ability to print carpets up to 10 ft. wide and any length, the possibilities are endless.

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Dye-sublimation printing is a cutting-edge printing method that involves applying ink to carpet material at high temperatures and pressures. This technique produces carpets with a wide range of bright, vivid colors, including delicate pastels and deep black shades that are difficult to achieve with traditional methods. Additionally, dye-sublimation printing allows for custom color matching, making it ideal for showcasing company logos and designs on carpets and entrance rugs.

Say Goodbye to Faded and Scratched

Traditional solvent or UV ink printing methods often create carpets that crack and chip over time and have dull, almost muddy colors. The heavy ink coverage can also lead to scratches. With Dye-Sublimation Printing, the ink becomes a part of the material, making it possible to machine-wash, dry, roll, iron, and steam the carpet repeatedly without fear of fading.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Speed and Quality

With our printing process, you’ll be amazed at how fast your projects can be completed, making our carpets a cost-effective choice without sacrificing quality.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

To witness the beauty and durability of our custom-printed carpets and flooring, request samples from us today. We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with the stunning results of our Dye-Sublimated Printed Commercial Carpets.

Bring Your Vision to Life with Print On Carpet – NY, Order Today!

Unleash your creativity and make a statement with our personalized custom carpets and printed floors from Print On Carpet – NY. From simple patterns to more intricate designs, we have the perfect solution to transform your space according to your needs and preferences.

With our wide selection of services and products, we provide a customized experience that caters to your specific needs. You can trust us to deliver top-notch quality and service, no matter the size or type of project. Whether you’re looking for a digital print carpet for your home or printed commercial carpets for your office, we always have you covered. With our cutting-edge printing technology, we can bring your ideas to life and create a space that truly reflects your unique style.

Don’t wait any longer — place your order for a custom carpet from Print On Carpet – NY today, and see for yourself the difference that quality can make. Elevate your space and transform your floors into works of art that will surely impress all who enter.