River City Scenic


River City Scenic was looking to produce a show deck that was durable but easily able to interchange between events during the week long cruise. In addition, installation had to be quick and take up the least amount of space between shows. This is why they reached out to Print On Carpet.

We offer a product that we call clear marley. Instead of printing on top of the vinyl flooring, we print to the back and due to it being clear, people can see it but it can take the beating of heavy traffic, dancing or carts on it. In addition, with it being a malleable material, they can easily roll it to setup and knock down between shows.

Another benefit to our product is the ability to not have to do touch up every several months. With the printing being second surface, barely is any damage done to the print it handled, installed and packed correctly. This is a great savings to the show and scenic producer

The overall size of the deck was 60 ft. x 25 ft. Instead of 10 ft. sections, we printed them in 5 ft. sections and broke the seams horizontally to hide them from view. Most sections were 5 ft. x 15 ft. to 5 ft. x 20 ft.