In “Finding Neverland” we worked with Designer Scott Pask, Assistant Designer Orit Carroll and Production Manager Stephen Setterlun.

The issue: Create dimensional flower pieces to fit around a door on a cart/flat while needing 81 different flowers to appear 3D. They needed to be stiff and yet have great vibrancy while ranging in colors like yellow, red & purple with contrasting color centerpieces in each.

The answer: Enhance a Colour’s rubberized promotional grade carpet which was dye-sublimated for great color vibrancy and laser die-cut to a different size shape for each flower.

Purpose: Custom Die-cut carpets for Finding Neverland show
Size:Various Sized Flowers
Artwork: Client supplied images
Print Technique: 4 color process dye-sublimation printing laser die-cut to shape
Location: New York, NY