The challenge: To create a 15 ft. diameter, circular carpet from two dye-sublimated printed pieces that are 10 ft. x 16 ft. and when trimmed, to make it look like a one piece carpet that is a heavy blue color with a yellow border and white knock out type. The carpet was for the 9th Annual Meeting of Navigating the Clinical Maze of GI Disorders held at the Marriott Hotel in Washington DC.

Print on Carpet printed two different 10 ft. x 16 ft. sections of Promotional Grade Carpet for the one night affair in Washington DC. Before printing the rugs we made a three inch overlap in the center sections so that when we trimmed out the two Dye sub pieces of carpet they would look like one piece. After trimming the middle we heat seamed the sections together and then trimmed the circular part to the 15 ft. circle that was desired. Once trimmed out we put a dark Blue fabric edging to the outer edge of the area rug. We folded the carpet in half, rolled it image out and shipped it in a large tube to Washington DC in time for the affair.