A well known copy writer that had worked with Print On Carpet in the past, had a new summer home in Cape Cod. Knowing that one of Print on Carpet’s specialties is the ability to do “One Off ” Custom Dye-Sublimated printed carpets she asked for our help! The only problem? She had no idea what she was looking for…

We had discussions about the Cape, its scenery, the water, the beaches but nothing seemed to work until we let our client loose with Dreams Time Images (Dreamstime.com) our internet library of over a million different images to choose from. After searching for a week she selected a water scene that went with the paint and furniture of her new living room.

Printing the custom area rug was the easy part as we produced a 16 ounce full color Dye-sublimated carpet as a 10 foot by 12 foot single piece for the living room of the Cape house with a bright blue ocean scene. After finishing the carpet, we trimmed it to the final size and edge the carpet with a dark blue fabric edging giving it the final touch. The custom rug was rolled image out, plastic bagged, put in a tube and shipped to the Cape.

The value to the client was she was able to get exactly what she wanted and she was able to decorate her new cape home the way she imagined. Again as with all Print on Carpets they are machine washable, steam cleanable and can be shampooed with a Home depot or Lowe’s machine. Her new custom area rug will last until she is tired of looking at it!