The Challenge was to print a 20 ft. circular diameter carpet that is used for a Judy Garland Theatric Production for the DUCEPPE Theatre Company in Montreal, Canada, where the people speak predominantly “French” as their basic language.

The communication issues and language barriers caused the biggest challenges along with an image that when done as two pieces was daunting in its own right to get everything to line up correctly when put together.

Enhance a Colour needed to create a 20 ft. by 20 ft. circular carpet for this Judy Garland theatric production. We did it by dye-sublimated printing in full color to two 10 ft. wide by 20 ft. long pieces of our 11 oz. carpet. Once printed we put the two large pieces together with a slight overlap and then trimmed them down the middle to get an exact middle seam. Once we had the middle seam in place, we trimmed around the outer edges to create the 20 ft. circular area rug the theatre company had requested. As a last step we edged the outer perimeter of the massive rug with a color coordinated fabric edging to give it the finished look it needed.

The value to the Theatric company was a great looking carpet with super color, long-lasting quality and the ability to machine wash the carpet if needed. The carpet will last for ages and can be used over and over.

Compagnie Jean Duceppe
Play: Judy Garland, over the rainbow
Staging Michel Poirier
Linda Sorgini: Judy Garland
Roger La Rue: Anthony
Set: Olivier Landreville
Costumes: Pierre-Guy Lapointe
Props: Normand Blais