Melissa Shoes launched a new campaign for their ‘18 collection – Mapping. Traditionally, when presented with a map themed project it’s taken literally and we’re asked to print street maps on fabric, vinyl or carpet to add visuals to their endeavour. For Melissa’s launch they took an entirely different approach. Artist Cecilia Salama used a conceptual design, playing on themes like migration, eco-diversity and femininity through imagery of butterfly migration.

“Melissa presented me a lot of material on their new collection, called Mapping — a lot of it had to do with borders. I managed to relate this to a theme I use a lot in my work, which are butterflies. They possess both power and vulnerability — I started doing a lot of research about their migratory journey and learned they are one of the largest symbols of immigration right now,” the artist explained of her piece, titled “Danaus Plexippus.”